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Sunday, March 02, 2014

I think YKWIA is a bit disappointed

because I came home at 2 pm or so because the mixed precipitation was supposed to start at 3, but in actuality we got a break in precipitation and I could have stayed to watch The City of Ember, which we have out from Netflix. But I didn't want to wait until the ice came, obviously, so better to be overly-prudent, I suppose. The ice is finally starting, as the rain started back up a couple of hours ago and I think it's gone to freezing rain now. We'll see how bad it gets, but I'm thinking it won't be quite as bad as originally forecast. Still, if it's fairly slow-moving, then we have quite a few hours between now and tomorrow's commute for things to get dicey. We'll see. But I'm home, I'm warm, I'm somewhat rested (I charged my phone and napped at the same time). I've been cleaning house a bit and I'm about to run the dishwasher, and then see what I can do after that. I'm not really into watching the Academy Awards (I just look at the news later--I have no patience for all the pomp and circumstance). I would like to see Idina Menzel sing 'Let It Go' and maybe watch towards the end when the big categories get announced, but again, not sure when the best time to tune in would be, and I don't care for awards shows. I was surprised A wasn't going to watch, since he loves classic and great movies so much, but apparently he hasn't forgiven them for snubbing 'The Color Purple' in 1986 and still won't watch.

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