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Monday, March 03, 2014

My current weight loss plan

(and while the first is a little tongue in cheek (no pun intended), it does seem to be helping).
    The partials (at least for now) mean:
    1. I oddly don't want my normal diet soda. I drank a half of one all day at work and a whole one I discovered at home. That's quite a bit less than normal. Nor am I big on anything but water, and even that I have to think to drink. Not sure why this is the case.
    2. I have to eat small bites, slowly.
    3. I can only eat certain foods right now, mostly soft and manageable.
  1. Also, I was put on Byetta, which works by shrinking the stomach prior to meals. I take 5 mcg before breakfast and dinner, and I've noticed that as a general rule, I'm less hungry throughout the day. I'm eating differently than the big three meals, but rather a little bit every few hours or so, which is better for blood sugar.
  2. My endocrinologist wants me to try to start watching carbs and sent me a booklet on carbohydrate counting along with how to figure how many to eat at meals and throughout the day. I'm going through this to see if I can get a good grip on doing this, and am going to put it into practice. I have 20 lbs to lose by the next appointment, if possible, or at least get a good start on it. That's at the end of May, so about 12 weeks. I had lost 10 lbs last time and she had suggested another 20 to get my sensitivity to insulin working better (the total 30, would be about 10% of my original body weight).

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