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Sunday, October 19, 2003

You know, I love Charmed,

but there's something I just don't get...they took the great love story between Piper and Leo and gave it yet another giant hurdle by having Leo take a position as Elder with Piper expected to go on in life as a single mom, but as near as I can tell, Leo seems to have plenty of time to shadow Chris (the new, mysterious Whitelighter from the future) to find out what he's up to or to babysit his own son. So, why not just let the unhappy couple get back together?

I'm still convinced that Chris is a Halliwell. The book seems to recognise him, he seems to display both the orbing of a Whitelighter and some of the telekinesis in the Halliwell line, and there's been some foreshadowing (Leo telling him he's not family, for instance). He seems to want to protect Wyatt and the sisters but at the same time he seems to have a shady side, so it's hard to figure him out. I originally thought he might be Wyatt, but he doesn't have Wyatt's healing gift. I'm wondering if he might be Paige's son? That would make him part Whitelighter, but maybe not as powerful. Or he could be Wyatt's--I'm not sure how far in the future he comes from, and that could explain his obsession (an almost personal one) with keeping Wyatt alive and well. Ha, it sure would freak Piper out if she found out Chris was her GRANDson. Or, he could be Wyatt's brother. Granted, Leo and Piper seem to be on the outs but they're obviously still in love... And he has a sort of adversarial relationship with Leo that just screams father-son. Hmm...I guess time will tell.

For those of you who haven't been drawn into this supernatural drama, you might want to check it out. It's not Shakespeare (although tonight's episode did have feuding families and tragick lovers) but it's a mixture of trying to save the world one apocalypse at a time (sound familiar), sisterly bonding, and decent character development. It's sort of Wicca run amok--what people wish witchcraft was, rather than what it really is, but it gets some stuff right and makes it clear that the rest is made up, anyway. I have to admit, of everything on the show, what it makes me wish I had was a sister. :) Because in the end, it's the family ties that matter more than vanquishing daemons.
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