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Thursday, October 09, 2003

Odd day

listening to: 'Desert Rose' by Sting
'When Sting retires, will he change his name to Stung?'--Colin, from 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?'
feeling: Content

I overslept this morning, waking up about a half hour before work and scurried out in record time. But I've felt like I was running all day as a result. I'd been dreaming that I was part of a group of kids, teens, with mutant powers. Mine was a sort of telekinetic blast that could also be used to shield me and allow me to fly. We had been kidnapped off the streets by a madman with delusions of ruling the world. This was no Xavier Home for Gifted Students. No...they were using a sort of passive torture to get us to go along with them...not allowing us to sleep or eat for days on end so long as we refused to join up, with a sort of reinforced Stalag 17 kind of environment. I woke suddenly, probably because the phone rang, but apparently I'd turned my alarm off an hour before. Sometimes I do that...I dream so vividly, so deeply that it's hard to pull myself out of the story, even when I'm dreaming of escape.

Work at the hospital was very busy...no huge projects, but lots of little things needing attention, especially the computers. Dwana was having a test akin to something an alien abductee might endure--it involved needles, clamps, and radiation--so she wasn't there today. She did survive, though (I've talked to her on the phone) and she somehow netted a six-week-old Lab/Collie puppy named Oreo out of that, which I'm sure she'll blog about.

Then I was off to KET. I must confess, I had a little bit of a 'Family Ties' moment--me, working for public television! Okay, really, I'm working for the Commonwealth with a distance learning project at KET, but still. Today was productive; I edited a web page, checked out some facts, and then looked through a set of pages that need to be made more consistent in their presentation. I've got some ideas for adding some content, too. Not bad for a couple hours' work. One of the other assistants showed me around the place. I actually got to go inside a studio. :) Oh, gee, that's so geeky, I know, but it was exciting.

Then I headed home. It had taken longer than I thought to get there on the bus since I had to go over to Limestone to catch a UK bus to get over by the stadium. When I left work, I decided I might as well head down Cooper towards home. It's probably about a mile and a half, and Chevy Chase is a lovely neighbourhood. I went into the Kroger on Romany Road and captured some burritos, toilet paper, and cat food, then headed home. By now it was getting dark. I made the mistake of hanging a right at the cathedral down Providence. Providence gets you nowhere--it was a dead end. I thought that rather ironic. So, I doubled back. I eventually got to Chinoe and Fontaine and decided that the bus was coming in just a few minutes and even though I was only a few blocks from home at that point, I was tired of walking. But at least I got some exercise in!

So, I've been curled up with the animals watching documentaries on Discover and some improv comedy on 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?' (which I dearly love) and I'm pretty contented with how the day went. It wasn't stressful--just productive. And the nice thing is, tomorrow is Friday and with it the end of the workweek. :)

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