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Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Not a hoax, but not for me...

Well, I've scanned through the 'novel' that is the jumping point for the talent contest I mentioned the other day. Granted, I could be misjudging this project, but my intuition is to not bother. Between the interminal e-mails and attempt at hype and the first tangible item to read...well, this was the e-mail I sent back:

I have read through the novel and have decided that I do not want to particpate. Frankly, I'm not impressed by its quality, I would not in any way want to profit by the tragedies of 9.11, and I'm concerned by the ramifications in terms of promoting misunderstanding rather than peace. Please remove me from your list. Thank you.

Eilir Rowan

The project basically builds on a lot of the anti-Islamic anger post-9.11 and uses the attacks as a backdrop. I have no doubt that I could help breathe some life into the characters, but I'd rather not get in on this one. It's possible that they might be heading towards some sort of resolution through this, but it could go several ways. Maybe it would okay for someone else. But not me.

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