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Saturday, October 11, 2003

All's well that ends well

feeling: Sleepy

Dwana called me to tell me they were going to have to find a home for the puppy; it was a case where they really didn't feel like the dog was in a good situation, and she is terribly adorable, and their hearts sort of over-ran their heads. So today was spent finding a good home for the puppy, which was finally accomplished (and no...it's not with me...I actually kept a firm rein on my emotions on this one, despite holding her most of the afternoon). Fortunately she's with someone we both know so we'll still get to see her. She's lab/border collie mix, about 6 weeks old, and just precious. I think I finally know what Cerys looked like at that age. It was so difficult not to chime in with a 'I'll take her!' But really, with my hours cut, it's a lot of work just to keep my present household going, etc. Her new home is one where she has other animals for companions and humans who can provide round-the-clock care. So, that's good. It's also great that they were able to find a home for her so quickly; Dwana and her husband have a lot going on right now in terms of health and fertility, and a tiny puppy can mean stress, sleepless nights, etc. They made the right choice, and by finding her a good home, I think they feel better about not being able to keep her.

Having dropped off the puppy, I escaped back home. I saw an advertisement for a new Battlestar Galactica series starting in December. I am so going to have to watch it, no matter how geeky that makes me. It was one of my favourite shows when I was a kid.

Well, I'm sleepy (all that dog petting) and my mom and John are coming up tomorrow to take me to Danville for a visit, so I guess I'll head to bed.

PS I'm still chortling over a co-worker who squealed in delight at the sight of a baked potato bar after 2 1/2 weeks in her native Thailand. Nice to see potatoes as an exotic goodie someone would miss. She brought us back some great souvenirs--bamboo bookmarks with little peg people dressed according to the customs of various of the northern tribes of Thailand. I went for one with lots of neck rings--I've always been fascinated with that form of costuem (maybe due to my own lack of neck). Also, I introduced several people at the lunch table to pomegranate today. It's hard to cut open a pomegranate with a case knife without too much mess, but I managed. Yum! So, I guess you could say today was full of adventure.

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