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Friday, October 03, 2003

Parting shot

This week Unshelved is tackling the rather offbeat topic of psychic fairs in public libraries. Today's is of a guy who can predict what will be on TV. :) But it got me thinking...

The strangest psychic gift I've known someone to have was a former friend who could...tell you what your bathroom looked like. In exquisite detail. Okay, so it's not the most wonderful of gifts. It's not going to get you a superhero costume, for example. But he had an extremely high incidence of being on target. [Cue eerie music]. Somewhere, as I type, Steve is probably being bombarded with visions of black marble with unicorns and wizards (my bathroom scheme).

I seem to have a gift...I don't what you'd call it; trust me, I've been around real psychic stuff and it's certainly not psychic, but maybe just some weird form of serendipity. I find things for people. This is great when you are a librarian. But I don't mean looking up info--no, I rely on keenly honed librarian skills for that. No, I'm the person who goes into the bookstore and if someone is looking for a specific item and describes it, it nearly jumps into my hand. I can be in automotive manuals and if a sci-fi book is mentioned, I suddenly find one discarded on a table. Unfortunately, this only works for other people. If I'm looking for myself I could literally walk for miles and not see it, even if it were under my nose. It's not limited to books, either. But several people have learnt to use it and bring me along when they're shopping for something. I also am a Rook magnet. You know, the card game. I used to have people bet on my having the Rook because 9 times out of 10 it would be so. I never could explain that one; again some weird serendipity. I don't really believe in coincidence per se, so that'll have to do.

Okay, I'm now officially sleepy. Adieu.

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