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Saturday, October 04, 2003

I need to stop making those dratted lists

feeling: Sluggish

...since I haven't done a blessed thing on it yet, which seem par for the course whenever I actually plan to. Well, I did clean my bathtub, but I haven't hit the rest of the bathroom. And I've got the laundry together, but I don't really want to do it this late. I haven't even managed to watch Phone Booth--although I did watch the House on Haunted Hill earlier and I'm about to watch The Gift, and those were on my unwritten list to get to someday.

I mostly got some rest. I felt kind of icky this morning; it had rained and my allergies and asthma were acting up. So I took my meds and spent some more time in bed.

I am going to game tomorrow, and I'll probably wait until Monday to set up the vet run. I'll send my mom an e-mail and then see if I can catch her home tomorrow, and I really will have to do the laundry either before the game tomorrow or after...otherwise I have no clothes for Monday, and I can also finish the latest job applications either tomorrow night or Monday morning, then send them out Monday morning.

The one thing I absolutely have to do tomorrow is call the unemployment office at 2pm and file (added 10.6:well at least I did something productive!)...but I don't think I'll have a hard time getting to that, because otherwise I get no dinero. :)

I'm going to chalk today up to the sometimes-you-just-have-to-use-your-weekends-to-get-some-rest.

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