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Wednesday, October 08, 2003

It's the middle of the week!

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I'm instituting a (hopefully fun) new weekly feature for Wednesdays to help you get over the hump--an interactive crossword, courtesy of the freeware Eclipse Crossword. I designed one in celebration of National Medical Librarians' Month (October) with lots of medspeak, and decided it really wouldn't be fun. I mean, how many people can spell Papanicolaou off the tops of their heads? (I'm not one of them, actually, although if you want to try it, you can.) So...well, this one's a little self-centred, but if you're been reading, you should be able to get the answers--they can all be found in fairly recent blog entries, and it seemed to make sense to start with something fairly easy. So, here goes:

How well do you know the Rabid Librarian?

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