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Saturday, October 11, 2003

Stupid thing of the day

CNN.com - Muslim girl suspended for head scarf - Oct. 11, 2003

So basically a school system is choosing to institue--and enforce--a rule despite the fact that they're probably in violation of civil rights laws. But wait, it gets better...according to the story, federal education rules were changed in 1998 so that religious headgear such as the hijab or kipa (the Jewish skullcap men are expected to wear in Orthodox Judaism) may not be exempt from such policies.

Well, I can see where they want to be consistent. But if I were on the board I'd be asking for a revision. After all, a dress code is not law, it's policy. And policy can be changed with one meeting.

But I have to admit, I'm disappointed that they would choose to suspend a student in a slavish adherence to the code, and thereby interfering with her access to education, when there are more serious things to worry about in our schools.

One of the reasons I wouldn't last two weeks teaching in a school system.

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