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Sunday, October 26, 2003

Figures that sometimes those general horoscopes are right:

listening to: 'End of the Beginning' by Ancient Future
feeling: Frazzled
Things start out on the wrong foot this morning and seem to go downhill from there. You're in some kind of slump and you might need some help pulling yourself up and out of it. You can't seem to find a group of people that you feel comfortable around, yet you don't really want to be by yourself either. Spending time with a pet or with children can help ease your pain and make you forget what's bothering you, even if it is just for a little while. If you don't have any kids or animals of your own, offer to baby-sit for someone close to you or spend time at an animal shelter.

My weekend has been its typical full schedule, but I have Monday through Wednesday off, so I'm hoping that will help pull me out of my slump. It couldn't hurt, anyway. :)

Pluses to this weekend:
  • I finally got my computer seated so it doesn't sound like it needs a muffler; it started sounding like it would take off a few days ago and needless to say concentration was not possible. Of course as I type that, it started up again. Sigh. A good hit to the top seems to tamp it back down and quiet again. If I can just keep it in this configuration...it's like trying to get a TV antenna JUST right. But it's liveable (and no, I can't find anything loose).
  • I've figured out how to finish the current Cthulhu adventure...I think.
  • I've decided what to go as for Halloween--Great Cthulhu himself. I have a putrid green robe that I think was part of a giant costume at some point--it has a viewable window for my head at about chest high for the robe. I can then take tissue paper and make a squid face and attach it to a stick like a sign. I'm not sure anyone will know what it is, but still...it ought to be fun.
  • Someone treated me to lunch today. Yummy Chinese food. :)

Minuses for the weekend:

Oh, there were several...but you know what, I really don't feel like enumerating those. They're all things I can surmount, anyway. So, I'm going to end on a postive note, no matter how tired and cranky I feel. In the meantime, I'm going to spend time with my animals and listen to soft New Age music and think calm, happy thoughts. I'm tired of being one big ball of nerves, and I'm on vacation. I ought to be enjoying myself, right?

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