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Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Remembering Matthew Shepard

Wyoming More Tolerant on Shepard Anniversary

It pains me that there are still people out there who would rather focus on some perceived evil in the fact that Matthew Shepard was gay rather than the fact that he was killed in a barbaric, torturous manner. But I think those voices, even the vocal ones I'd rather not link to from here, are sounding more extreme to the majority of people. And it sounds like Laramie has changed in the time that has passed.

Matthew Shepard's mother recently came here to UK to talk to students. The fact is, no mother should have to talk about such a painful experience--the brutal murder of a son. But I'm glad she's chosen to. Maybe it will make people think and feel. Maybe it will make people aware that no one would choose to put themselves into harm's way by being gay. Maybe it will make people realise that no one deserves to die for what they are, for things that they can't change.

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