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Tuesday, October 14, 2003


I've been saying this for years. Granted, some SUVs, particularly those built from the 'ground up' rather than being a glorified light truck with lower minimum standards, might be safer. Maybe the godawfully huge ones are. But as someone who frankly isn't likely to drive anything but a small car, I'm rather against SUVs. Not are they (generally) gas-guzzlers (although that's improving), they're hard to see around, tend to rollover and, in some cases aren't required to be as safe (say, in the side impact area, a weakness of light trucks, too). Not what I'd choose to put my child in. Give me a mini-van or a large car that has some actual steel in it. I just don't understand the appeal of SUVs. I mean, yeah, if you live in hilly country or for that matter out in the country, they make sense. But the giant spotless ones I see everyday don't.
My US Study Calls SUV Safety Into Question

Okay, I'm finished with my rant now. No offence, those of you who have an SUV. It's just a peeve of mine.

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