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Wednesday, October 08, 2003


listening to: 'Harder to Breathe' by Maroon 5
feeling: Tired but triumphant

  • Good news: I got my unemployment cheque yesterday
  • Bad news: It was half what it was supposed to be; the system doubled my pay so it didn't think I qualified for that week
  • Good news: I went down to the unemployment office and fixed the problem in something like 10 minutes
  • Bad news: It'll be a couple of days until I get the remainder
  • Good news: I get to keep the cheque they did send rather than exchange it for a new one for the full amount
  • Bad news: I had to go on the bus to put it in the credit union and they're still not running peak schedule because they have several buses out for repairs
  • Good news: I got over there before the credit union closed and got it in without problems
  • Bad news: I've already spent all but about $25 of it
  • Good news: I got some groceries, including things that I could pack for lunch the next few days, and I got a discount for signing up for a Winn-Dixie customer card
  • Bad news: I have allergy issues with a lot that I got (wheat, eggs, milk products)--cheese, whole grain bagels, eggs, plain yoghurt, natural cheese puffs
  • Good news: I'd eat it anyway (those don't bother me too much), so I might as well pay less than I would at work or eating out, and this way I was able to get things without a lot of additives/sugar/salt but whole grains and I was able to get garlic and pomegranates ('tis the season for offerings)...and I found non-concentrate orange juice that had added calcium but lots of pulp :)
  • Bad news: I couldn't find bean and cheese burritos (my main staple)
  • Good news: I should be on The Price is Right...I spent all the money in my account within a few cents, without going over
  • Bad news: I had to take the bus back, which is never fun when you're juggling groceries
  • Good news: I got a fish combo meal and small dipped cone at Dairy Queen during my wait
  • Bad news: The bus took a very, very long time...once I went out, I waited nearly an hour...I went out on the 4:20 bus and came back on the 7:50 one!
  • Good news: I am home...I am fed...I am curled up with my animals...I have food for the week, and I should get the remainder cheque (and hence pay bills) in a couple of days.

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