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Thursday, October 23, 2003


I thing things will be okay on the home front. I got my unemployment cheque and Dwana took me to Kroger to convert it into a money order. The guy at the desk accidentally gave me an extra $20, and despite how desperate I was getting (especially since the cheque was a little smaller due to my hours at KET, where I don't get paid until Nov. 15th), I pointed this out to him and handed him the extra money back. Turns out honesty pays. The machine didn't automatically deduct $5 for cashing the cheque (and he let me off without it, seeing as I'd just corrected a costly error). And it looks like I'll be able to borrow the remaining amount tomorrow. So...I feel better. Dwana and I went driving back behind the store to Bunnyland, where there were only two out today (there were hordes of them this summer).

I've been busy...I went through some receipts and found $65 worth to send in for my medical reimbursement. And I called our retirement rep to see about withdrawing some money out of my retirement. I only have about $1200 in it so far, since I've only managed to contribute a little. But because it's so small, it hopefully will be okay in terms of taxes, and I'd say this counts as hardship.

I keep getting requests to send money to the reservations where people only have peanut butter to eat. I'd contribute if I could, but I'm tempted to write back and explain that I'm in the same boat at this point.


Still, things seem to be improving. So, I'm going to go on to bed and wish you a good night.
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