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Wednesday, July 09, 2014

The first thing I did

When I got off work was get gas for the car,  as I was almost empty and it often goes up on Thursdays here. The first thing I did when I got home was water the plants inside and out.  It was supposed to rain yesterday and I had held off,  but it just went around us completely.  The geraniums look great as far as their leaves go,  but are taking a break on blooming for the most part.  The petunias and nasturtiums are getting a little leggy,  and I don't know if the lobelia will survive, as it looks kind of dried.  It is in one of the window boxes that had fallen off,  so the soil was disturbed. 

The plants inside are doing fine.  In fact,  one of my violets has crowned, so once it stops blooming I will divide it.  I have three others at work doing the same thing.  :) I think it's time for YKWIA and A to have some violets.

Now I am putting my feet up for just a bit. The sun is streaming through the sheers. Plans for this evening include reading (I am re-reading To Kill a Mockingbird now that it is out for the Kindle.) I love that book (and the movie,  for that matter). I should go get a book being held for me at the library,  too.  I had forgotten they had sent me an e-mail earlier.

Okay,  I will sign off for now.  Have a good night.  I will probably write some more later.

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