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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Quiet evening at home

Last night I watched 'Salem' (which only has two episodes left and is really heating up) with YKWIA and A. This morning I turned in my book review for publication review, along with a copyright form. I got quite a bit completed at work, despite the knee pain, but some ibuprofen and an ice pack got me through. I came home and immediately elevated the knee, falling asleep for a couple of hours. Then I got up and straightened the house, loaded the dishwasher, put my medicine in its pill holder, and changed out purses. I walked over to the laundry room for a soda (which is a testament to how elevating the leg helps--at work I put off going to get water or anything from the cafeteria because it's across the building. Unfortunately, although I've tried to elevate my leg at my desk using a library step stool and a pillow, it doesn't work as well if it's not above your heart. In fact, it starts to hurt after awhile.) I set the laptop back up and I've been playing around on the Internet. I would play a couple of games on the Atari, but it's been storming a little and I'd unplugged it for now. It's on a fairly simple surge protector, and I don't want it overwhelmed. Now it's 11 pm and I'm thinking of going on to bed. I may read for a little while and listen to some soft music before I sleep.

Tomorrow afternoon I find out what's going on with my knee. If it is a meniscal tear, from what I've been reading, given my age and having a bit of arthritis already, they may just send me to physical therapy rather than surgery, as the outcomes are about the same and while some people have to go ahead and have surgery after a course of physical therapy, most don't. Here's hoping for that, as that means I could continue to drive and wouldn't miss work. Of course, if there are other issues--tendons or ligaments involved, etc., then that could be something altogether different. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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