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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

This would almost be funny, but it's not

Young hoodlums stealing popsicles from an ice cream truck--sounds like general mischief at first. Not so. Look at what was recovered. Items taken include seven guns. The kids do not 'meet the criteria for juvenile dentention' and have been released to their parents, who will hopefully have a come-to-Jesus meeting with them.

Four youths, ages 11 to 13, charged in Lexington burglaries, ice cream truck theft
Lexington police say they have arrested four juveniles, ages 11 to 13, who allegedly committed a series of burglaries and an ice cream truck theft in the Masterson Station-McConnell's Trace area.

Each was charged Monday with one count of second-degree robbery, two counts of first-degree burglary and two counts of second-degree burglary, police said Tuesday.

Police spokeswoman Sherelle Roberts said officers recovered a variety of missing items, including seven guns, three laptop computers and two computer gaming systems during their investigation. Additional charges are possible, Roberts said.

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