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Thursday, July 24, 2014

So the hospital called today

to confirm my surgery, and they want me there a full hour before I was scheduled previously. Now I'm already getting two people who are not morning persons up at an ungodly hour, one of which is driving in from another county, and I live practically across the street from the hospital, so I asked if I could come over at the appointed time and then they come over an hour later, and they said that was fine. There shouldn't be a problem so long as they are there to take me home, and I won't be going back to surgery until after they get there, anyway. Of course, it does mean walking across the street where I was hit a couple of years ago very early in the morning, but hey. Now I'm very tired, but I have things to do before I go to sleep. I've gotten my insulin, taken a friend to an appointment, made keys for my friends, and gone to the grocery so there's food for A and me to eat that is not too involved. But I'm running out of steam. I don't know if I'll be up to blogging tomorrow or not, but I'll try to. For now, though, I'd better get a few things done, even though I want to put my feet up and rest.

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