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Saturday, July 12, 2014

It makes me so angry that

anyone could treat another creature so cruelly. But it gives me hope that others stepped in to save such a fragile life. What an amazing spirit and will to live this dog has! The pictures in the story are heart-breaking at first (you have been warned), and then, with recovery, inspiring. Thanks to George Takei for sharing this on Facebook.

This Dog Was Tossed in a Trash Chute, Left to Die. Three Years Later, His Recovery is Amazing.
Patrick's owners had starved him for months before one day, three years ago, they did the unthinkable. Patrick was put into a trash bag, then dumped into a New Jersey apartment building's garbage chute that dropped him 19 stories down.

Luckily, just before the garbage was compacted, maintenance workers noticed the bag was moving very slightly. They soon discovered the emaciated, dying dog. Authorities were contacted, and Patrick was immediately taken to the Associated Humane Societies' Newark Animal Shelter. Things weren't looking good for the poor dog.
(Photo credit: Patrick the Miracle Dog Facebook Page)

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