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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Things I have to do in the next 24 hours:

  • Go into work early
  • Get some cash on the way
  • See if I can get the keys made before work, as Home Depot opens at 6 am (did it after work)
  • Send my mom a birthday card (I forgot to get A to get it out of the car glove compartment so I could send it today; but her birthday isn't till next month, so I have some time)
  • Fill an interlibrary loan request
  • Take some children's books to our laboratory
  • Take a couple of boxes of stuff that's accumulated in my cubicle to the car (I'll do that next Wednesdsay if I can)
  • Recycle some withdrawn journals I can't find homes for (I'll do that next Wednesdsay if I can)
  • Shelve new journals (I'll do that next Wednesdsay if I can)
  • Re-shelve things in the library (I'll do that next Wednesdsay if I can)
  • Straighten up the library (I'll do that next Wednesdsay if I can)
  • Fill paper and supplies for the copiers
  • Work on referrals, including removing unnecessary ones from the queue and starting others that are needed, and send names that won't come off the list so they won't be included in Monday's report
  • Put in my charge entry sheets
  • Reconcile the operating room charges
  • Ask about an unusual data entry case
  • Deal with anything that might come up tomorrow at work
  • Set up an autoreply for the e-mail at work
  • Check with the organisers of a mobile conference from a few months ago for speaker ideas in their area for a forum being done at a forum I'm helping with at another conference (I'll do that next Wednesdsay if I can)
  • Call my endocrinologist for a prescription for a medicine that I've had from samples that's been working well
  • Take a friend to an appointment
  • Have keys made if I couldn't that morning
  • Give keys to friends
  • Show a friend how to find my apartment from the bus stop
  • Pay bills
  • Go to the grocery store
  • >Clean out the refrigerator
  • Do dishes
  • Set up bedroom and bathroom for recovery
  • Water all plants, inside and out
  • Straighten up living room
  • Pull out air mattress, inflate, and put sheets and pillows on it
  • Pull out the assistive items such as the shower chair and bedside commode in case they're needed
  • Get the medical surrogate/advanced directives paperwork together, etc., just in case it's needed
  • Put together loose, comfortable clothing for the next day
  • Pare down my backpack to what's necessary
  • Put my walker by the door to take just in case it's necessary
  • Stop all food and drink by midnight
I'm not 100% sure I can get all of that completed, but I'm going to do my best.

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