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Saturday, July 26, 2014

That was the closest thing to a sleepover I've had in a long while, even if it wasn't for the most fun of reasons

My friend (read 'keeper') has gone home after making sure I did fine in the shower and helping me change my bandages. Despite the serpentine ACE bandage that's as long as my leg, there are actually only two small stapled incisions under all that gauze and cloth, which I kept dry with Harry Potter Band-Aids, plastic wrap and Kroger's bags. I did use the shower chair, too, and angled the shower head away from that leg, so that helped. I didn't even need to use a blow dryer before we put new gauze on it and the other bandages back on. He was very good about making sure I got rest and didn't overdo it, so much that I had to chuck the whole 'good hostess' thing and just get used to being waited on. Thank you, A! I will bring your ice cream over when I'm driving again!

I'm eating veggie burgers and some Doritos A had asked for, and I think I'm pretty much going to back to bed now. I'd taken a pain med right before he left, then slept for about two hours, but my stomach woke me up actually hungry, so I thought I should get up. The mail just ran, and I checked it, but there wasn't anything. I haven't really read or watched TV (except for about fifteen minutes with A at one point this morning while I ate breakfast). I did listen to a little music last night. But mostly I've rested, with my leg up. I'll see if I can start taking the pain meds down to half a pill tomorrow. I might be able to go back to work Monday, but I don't want to push it, and at this point, although yes, I can put weight on my leg, I'm not sure I'm up to driving. But by Monday or definitely Tuesday I should, barring anything like infection or the like. I go back to the surgeon on the 5th, I think, and then I'll have the staples out. I've never had staples before. These are pretty small, a little thicker than paper staples but about the same length. My mom, back in the 80s, had chest surgery and they had these huge staples under her rib; they looked like the ones on big cardboard boxes. I had never seen them before. I asked if they had a special tool to get them out or if they just had to pry them off with scissors (I was being a smart aleck), and she told me to stop cracking jokes because it hurt to laugh.

Okay, I really am getting terribly sleepy again. Time to go back to bed. I gave A the big fuzzy blanket last night, so now I get it back. The short, thin one was fine last night, but I was a little cool when I woke up a bit ago.

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