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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Something to check out, definitely

Oh You Silly Thing, of Course He’s Gay: ‘Vicious’ on PBS Follows Two Gay Characters

I have a lot of respect for both Ian McKellen, whom I know from, well, all sorts of things, and Derek Jacobi, whom I know from the 'Brother Cadfael' mysteries. They are both very, very talented, and happen to be openly gay as well. So I'm glad PBS has brought those of us in America the sitcom, 'Vicious'. The article is a discussion not only of the series but of stereotyping in television.

The thing is...yes, there are gay stereotypes, and a reliance on them for laughs probably isn't the best thing in the world. But I've had quite a bit of experience with gays (I married a gay man, and in fact was in a 'triunity' with two, my best friends are a gay couple, and I sang in a chorus that was largely lesbian. Oh, and even though I don't normally go on about it, because it's not like I date or anything, I am attracted to both men and women, although that seems to slide along the Kinsey scale a bit depending on the time and my mood.) There are lots of real guys who flounce and do all the things people associate with gays. And yes, I've known lots of lesbians who bond quickly (the classic joke is what do lesbians bring on a third date--a U-Haul). There are also lots of real gays and lesbians who are nothing like the stereotypes. And then there are the folks somewhere in between. Not every gay man has fashion sense. Not every lesbian lacks it. And bisexuals are not merely confused. But as long as characters are portrayed as people and not merely stereotypes, I don't have trouble with it. Give me developed characters with some depth, and I'm fine. So I'm interested in seeing what these two acting greats have managed to do.

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