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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Time for a makeover

For whatever reason, my template decided to start spewing items on random parts of the page, making things difficult to read, plus it would no longer let me edit gadgets from the page when I was signed it like it should. Now, this blog is almost 13 years old, and has gone through a couple or three re-designs, with lots of coding, much of which I did myself, and with some layering of template designs upon one another, and quite frankly, I didn't want to go through line by line and try to debug the problem. And yes, this is a ready-made template that I thought worked well with my personality. (I like watercolours, I like art, and it kind of looks like someone just sort of splashed the paint onto the paper in an attempt at flowers or some such, and that seemed a good metaphor for how I sometimes see and live my life.) Anyway, feel free to give me some feedback. But something had to be done. Unfortunately, the translation gadget didn't seem to actually be doing much anymore, so I removed it. I hope that doesn't inconvenience anyone. Again, if you want it back, be sure to write me or comment, and I'll try to restore it properly.

While going through some of the links. I discovered that Abbie the Cat died last year, in fact it will be a year in just a few days. I'm so sorry to see that. I'm glad they kept the blog up as a memorial. I'm sure he was a good cat, and I know the pain of losing a beloved pet. While I didn't read Abbie's blog a lot, it made me smile each time I did.

I've got a friend lined up to take me to my surgery (poor thing, she lives in another county and I have to be there at 7 am on a Friday later in the month). I also have lined up a friend to stay with me that day, as I'm supposed to have someone with me during the first 24 hours. I think I'd probably be okay, but it's best if we go ahead and plan for him to be there. A friend offered to take care of me at his house like they did when I had oral surgery, but the problem with this is they have a bedroom and a large library, but no guest room, and I don't think I could get off the air mattress to go to the bathroom with my knee like it'll be--I kind of have to roll off onto my hands and knees usually. So instead, A will stay with me and he'll sleep on the air mattress (I just have one bedroom and a loveseat). I've promised him TV and munchies. I'll just blow up the air mattress the night before and put it in the living room and get it all set up with bedding.

I'm getting the library ready for anything that may happen if there are any complications or if I can't make it back as quickly as I'm planning to. I ordered toner for both copiers so there are two bottles of each type. I'll order paper before the surgery date. I'm doing some organising and rearranging, as well as cleanup of my desk area, removing some extraneous stuff.

I must confess I am somewhat nervous about the surgery and recovery, but it really has to be done. I am in pain daily, sometimes enough to take my breath away, especially in the afternoons and evening, and that's when I'm just sitting. I've been leaning on the other knee to take up the slack and it's actually hurting just as bad at this point. So I definitely need to take care of this.

Okay, it's almost 10:30 pm. I'm a little tired and cramping a bit. I'm finally starting my period, which is a week late, although I haven't really begun in earnest, so I'll wait to do my libation tomorrow night. I think I'm going to get some water, curl up with Alchemy of Murder, and afterwards go on to bed. I'd like to get to work a little early tomorrow as I overslept today and was about 15 minutes late. Then I'll be back on track time-wise. Good night. I hope you like the new design. Good night.

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