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Saturday, July 12, 2014


Howard Curry Shoes rock!

The same woman who answered the phone earlier waited on me, and she was great! Not only did she measure each foot when I told her what I was looking for, she let me try a pair of her personal shoes that were something she could order if they were still available. But then we found something better in the Vionic line (which is the same orthotic-sole brand that had first brought me there) that worked worked perfectly. They are two-toned black slides that adjust width and have Vionic's supportive podiatrist-designed Orthaheel Technology in the soles, which make everything--feet, knees, and back--feel more supported and are so much better than what I was wearing. The physical therapist hadn't had this particular style, and they were much more expensive there, about $120. The ones we were going to try to order, a pair of Haflingers [sort of like Birkenstocks, with a cork sole, which gives me some trouble, as I supinate, so they wear unevenly], were about $114. These were 30% off $75, so just over $50 with the tax. Yay!!!!

These are dressy enough for work, but are easy to slide off and are fully adjustable. Plus they feel great....

After just wearing them to the grocery and driving in them, I love them. If you're interested, the style is called Shore and they can be found online at Vionic's website, among other places. But if you're in Lexington, I would really recommend Howard Curry Shoes on Nicholasville Road and Moore Drive near Jimmy John's and Raising Cane's. The lady there (and I'm sorry, I didn't get her name) was incredibly helpful, in the good sense. Not every clerk would just let you try on their own shoes. :) And she found me the Vionics even though she potentially had a higher-priced sale to make if the shoes were still available to order. It was great. Also, the store is particularly known for its children's shoes, and the Talking Tree. If your kids have hard-to-match feet, they are particularly good at finding the right size. So give them a try if you're in the area. As far as I know, they're still family-operated, just like they were when they started downtown in 1948.

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