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Sunday, July 27, 2014

I thought

after I finished watching Despicable Me 2 (which was quite fun), I would just go back to sleep for a little while, especially as I'd changed out my CPAP supplies. But I found I wasn't too sleepy, so I listened to Bastille's Bad Blood and played on my phone for awhile, mostly downloading updates to applications and looking at Facebook posts. Per a conversation with YKWIA earlier, I added A Streetcar Named Desire to the Netflix queue, as I've never seen it.

I have decided that unless I feel terrible tomorrow morning, I will go into work at least part of the day. If I feel like I'm overdoing it, I'll go ahead and leave. I don't think either of my bosses would have trouble with that (although neither of them will be there tomorrow, as they're both on vacation). So, here's what I need to do tomorrow:
  • Send Despicable Me 2 back in to Netflix
  • Send my mom her birthday card
  • Enter the charge sheets from Friday if there are any and Monday as they come in
  • Work on the referrals
  • Do the OR reconciliation
  • Take care of any library requests that are waiting
  • Check about possible speakers for that forum on mobile devices
No lifting, no rearranging, no shelving books or journals, nothing like that, yet...just getting to my desk, doing stuff there, and maybe getting my sheets from another department and going to the cafeteria and the like. No overdoing it. If I need help, I'll ask for it. I'm sure people will be willing to help if I need it. I will take my cane just for a little added stability going through the parking lot, but I shouldn't need it around the hospital any more than I do here.

All in all, despite the surgery, it's been a good weekend. My friends who took me were great, my mom called and checked on me (she had a procedure at the same time, so she couldn't come up) as soon as she was able, A was great about staying over, today has been pretty peaceful, and while I had my doubts about how quickly they said I should be able to do things, I must say the doctor has been right so far. Apparently he did talk to my friends (I don't remember even seeing him, if I did), and stressed my need to lose weight, which of course, he'd already spoken to me about. If I can start walking without the pain I've been having, I think I have a chance of doing that, and I'm trying to watch my blood sugar and eating already. My left knee is also hurting, and I plan on mentioning it to him when I seem him for my post-op visit. I don't know if it was hurt when I got down on the ground like the other, but not as badly, or more likely it's hurting because 1) it's my 'bad' knee, and 2) it's been working harder with this one being so bad off. We'll see. If it's just arthritis, then that's one thing. If the meniscus is an issue on it as well and it's about the same as this one was, then I may need further treatment. But I'd like to see how this heals and if I have less pain first. But if I could get to where my knees weren't painful, I'd be much more likely to walk and exercise, as it has been one of the limiting factors for years.

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