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Saturday, July 05, 2014

I went to the Bluegrass Farmer's Market earlier

and for $14 I got a small watermelon, an ear of corn, an onion, three regular tomatoes, a pint of cherry tomatoes, a yellow zucchini, two regular ones, and a cucumber. I took some of the bounty over to my friends' house, and made them a dish of tomatoes, zucchini, and onions with cheese, and then under YKWIA's direction made some kale with onions and smoked paprika and some snap peas in butter and herbs. We had a lovely meal of various vegetables, and then A cleaned up afterwards and we had a nice visit.

Now I'm home and I need to do game notes before tomorrow but I'm not quite at the point where I feel like doing them this moment, even though it's nearly ten at night. I should have worked on them earlier today before going over to their house, I know. Oh, well. The good news is I have gotten snacks for the game already and so tomorrow I should be able to go over there and get right to work on the house, although with my knee A's going to have to help a great deal. But for now, I'm putting my leg up for about a half hour. The plan is NOT to go to sleep, and then work on the notes. But my knee and my feet are throbbing, so elevating them should help.

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