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Sunday, July 08, 2012

No game today

as Brenda had an issue with both her regular glasses and the backup pair, making it difficult for her to drive from another county in to play. So I cleaned and then visited. I got in after a pseudo-storm (some wind, very little rain--most of it went around us, as usual, although the temperatures are thankfully falling) and I've been looking for a book that my friend read as a child. Ah, yes, the dreaded, 'I remember' quest all librarians are sent on from time to time, although thankfully he has an excellent memory, so hopefully we'll find it.

Tomorrow I'll have to go to the dentist for the third time to reattach that temporary crown. That's three workdays in a row. Unfortunately, I've already paid for and ordered the permanent crown, so there's no sense in going to another dentist. It's actually not the dentist who took the mould and made the temporary ones, but his assistant. Anyway, we'll see how tomorrow goes. I think I'm just going to call first thing and go straight there, rather than try to go into work and then waste time going back and forth on the bus.

Well, it's just now 9 o'clock. Despite getting up at 5:45 am, I'm not super tired. I think I'll read for awhile before going to bed.

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