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Saturday, July 21, 2012


I watched a video with a friend this afternoon on making candied bacon. We were both horrified and in my case a little fascinated as to why anyone would spoon sugar on bacon and carmelise it and call it good. I wouldn't have eaten that even back in the day when I did eat meat. Yuck. I know, I obviously just don't get the beauty of bacon.

I had a rocky start to my day but feel better now. Fortunately I watched several episodes of 'Kim Possible', some 'Star Wars: the Clone Wars', and the new Some Grey Bloke video, so there were fun things to watch, too. But I am scarred by the bacon. I won't include the bacon video here, although I'm linking to it, but here's the Some Grey Bloke video, which is dead on up to the last line, and I think it works that way in terms of older women/younger men, too.

And then there's this:

And even funnier...

See, no more images of bacon in my head...yay. I do love Ab Fab.

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