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Monday, July 02, 2012

Well, it should be a little quieter this year

and my friends won't have to tranquilise their dog. :)

Officials ban use of common, consumer fireworks in Lexington

The public displays that have permits from the city will go on. Even with the little rain we got last night, it is simply too dry. I'm fine with it, I understand. I have some sparklers but had decided I wouldn't be using them because of how utterly brittle things are out there. I do plan (since LexTran has kindly expanded the holiday hours till the 11:20 pullout) to go over to the hospital I work at and watch the fireworks at Idle Hour Country Club that they put on every year. People come and sit on the hospital's front lawn (we have something like 23 acres around the building) and it's always a nice show. Then I can go home and actually get to sleep without hearing lots of late fireworks, since Thursday is a workday. :)

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