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Friday, July 06, 2012

My evil plan

for the next 35 hours is to stay inside where there's air conditioning. It seemed a good idea, given that it is 99 degrees (but feels like 101), tomorrow is forecast to be 101, and it's just too hot to go running around without a car. No riding the bus across town, no walking or riding the bus to the store, no farmer's market. Just me, inside, with a movie or two, some good books, and the game notes to do. Thank goodness for electricity.

I say this because I ran around quite enough today, as I went to work, called the dentist once they opened and learned that they would only be there till 1 pm, made arrangements with my bosses to leave, finished a report and sent that to one boss, did all my phone calls for today and Monday's appointments, left for the dentist at 10, got there by 10:45, and got the new temporary crown put on using a different material this time. They didn't have to numb me up or anything, since the prep work had been done, and she'd saved the mould from yesterday's session. Earlier in the day I'd discovered I just had one more Novolog pen with no refills, and I don't see the doctor until the 16th, so I'd called my doctor, whose office is near the dentist's, and arranged to pick up a sample pen. So after I left the dentist I walked down the street to my doctor's office, picked up the insulin, and managed to make it to the bus stop across the street in time for the bus, just waiting about 5 minutes.

I got back about 12:30, by which time I could eat and drink. I got a small black bean burrito in the cafeteria (full of soft food) and some water, ate, and then worked like mad to get some articles to a doctor that he needed today. Then I did what I could on the data entry front, for which I was behind from having taken off yesterday afternoon for the first dental appointment.

At five I left with plenty to keep my occupied Monday, but hey, you've just got to let things go and go home, especially when you're an hourly worker.

Once I got home, a friend called and we chatted for a bit. Now I'm eating dinner and trying to decide how to spend my evening. :)

Hope you are somewhere comfortable, or at least if not, it's by your own choice. Some guy was playing golf in 100 degree weather across the street from my bus stop earlier. Crazy, but I guess if it makes him happy....I do feel sorry for the energetic guy who stands out on the road advertising for the car wash and for the folks at the car lot who had to bring cushions out to their concrete table and chairs where they camp out while waiting for interested customers to drive up. It's so hot that when I came home no one was even at the pool.

I spent a good deal of my childhood in the deep South, back before air conditioning was quite so ubiquitous. How did we manage?

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