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Monday, July 30, 2012

Things to do (as much as I can tonight)

  1. Clean out the fish tank; add water
  2. Clean off dining room table, which is mostly holding stacks of books
  3. Prepare dining area for a cabinet; find somewhere for coat rack
  4. Straighten up living room
  5. Wash dishes
  6. Take out trash
  7. Take out recyclables
  8. Do a once-over on the bathroom
  9. Straighten up the bedroom
  10. Do a couple of loads of laundry
  11. Water the plants

But first, to eat a little bit....

Update 7/31: I fell asleep last night early, so I got up early this morning and did most of my list, although I did move a few things into the bedroom, so I'll have to deal with that tonight, as they are on the bed. They're mostly books I need to find shelves for. I wish my apartment was like the TARDIS, but I hate to think what the rent would be like. :)

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