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Thursday, July 12, 2012


I have paid the following bills: the cable, the electric, my cell phone, my credit card, and I've renewed both my American Library Association and Kentucky Library Association memberships. Netflix and my home phone come out automatically on the 17th. I also signed up for a subscription to the Victoria magazine I enjoy so much. That leaves (hopefully) enough for food for the next couple of weeks, so yay.

Okay, I've paid the bills, looked up some things online for a friend, and revised my résumé, and now I have to write a cover letter for a job I'm applying for. But I went by the library on my way home and got a couple of books on cover letters, because I hate writing them. I just despise doing so. But I think it's more professional to include one, even though the job application doesn't list it as required. So...let me see if I can do it without too much pain and suffering. I think it's because it forces me to market myself, and I still have issues with doing so, even though I know it's fine to do. I can market a library, praise other people's merits, etc., but I have trouble doing so for myself. Anyway, before I sit down and write, I want to look over the books, which come from the Lexington Public Library, and that happens to be where I'm applying.

Oh, and just in case it works out, I got a couple of books on interviewing as well. :)

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