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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Good things

  1. The library got my application and it has been referred on. They're having trouble with the system that sends a verification, but it did go through.
  2. I'm halfway finished with Google's Power Searching with Google class. Much of the early stuff I'm familiar with already, but I am learning a few tricks I didn't know. I finished the mid-class assessment with a 100%.
  3. I'm feeling much better today. I wasn't sure this morning, but I perked up and was very productive.
  4. I have managed to answer some questions from a friend that might stump lesser librarians, although I'm still working on a few things for him that might be beyond me, like locating a book by its colour and weight. :)
  5. I got a ride home from work.
  6. I have the dates for the trip to Chicago (got that last week). It'll be in November this year, on a Thursday and Friday, which will be better for me in terms of the data entry/referral duties at work.

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