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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I waited to be absolutely sure

to eat with the new (and permanent) crown. They said to wait 30 minutes for the glue to set thoroughly before chewing. I waited four hours, till the numbness wore off (I'm pitiful trying to eat with my mouth numb, and I can't taste anything anyway) and the glue was absolutely set. So hopefully this is the end to the dental saga (for now).

Apparently when they did the x-ray on this tooth, they found the one in front of it, which is also crowned, is breaking down, perhaps because of a flaw in the crown. There's a little pit where it's allowing bacteria to get in, if I understood things. So that's going to need to be taken care of at a future time, after the surrounding tissues have a chance to heal. My insurance probably won't pay for it because it's been less than five years. Their guarantee doesn't quite work because it's been three. But since it may be a problem with the crown itself, he'll think about it and we can work something out. But that is for another day. It feels funny having the crown in; the bite is good, and the chewing ability much better, but I'd gotten used to not having it, although my mouth stayed pretty sensitive. I'm happy to report the sensitivity I had, even when the temporary crown was on, seems to have gone. Yay! Now (fingers crossed) let's hope this one, which has permanent glue, stays on.

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