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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


The Belfast City Council has confirmed that Lennox has been killed. They denied the request by the Barnes family to see the dog beforehand, but will reportedly send them the ashes by mail. How thoughtful. They also asserted the dog was unpredictable and showing unacceptable behaviour.

I wonder how they'd behave after being taken away from a loving family and being kept in a kennel for two years by people who they didn't know and who planned to kill them? Yet they say the family was in denial as to the dangerous nature of their pet, despite a lack of complaint or incident when the dog was in the hands of the family. And of course, they refused to allow the dog to be sent (all expenses paid by a celebrity) to the United States to a sanctuary.

Heartless bastards.

Lennox, dog condemned as pitbull, is put to death in Belfast

Heartbreak as death row dog Lennox destroyed by Belfast council

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