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Thursday, July 19, 2012


Someone gave me a $50 bill today and I stopped by my bank to change it for smaller bills. The teller asked if I had an account and when I said I did, he asked me to send in my debit card through the drive-through pneumatic system. Meanwhile, one of the other tellers was trying to butt in on the transaction by taking my card while he was getting the money, and generally making things more complicated than they need be.

Really? To change a bill? Whatever happened to going into a bank and, I don't know, presenting money and getting money in return? Would they ask someone with a ten for ID before they exchanged it for a roll of quarters?

Speaking of quarters, I asked if they could send me a roll through the system (I didn't think they would; most banks won't, because the roll could break and get everywhere). But I guess he realised I was a bit annoyed. So he stuffed a roll into an envelope, told me he was making an exception, and sent it and the other $40 through.

Is this common at all banks, or is PNC just more than a little odd?

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