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Monday, July 30, 2012

I think I spent most of the weekend in bed

I did get the ink yesterday, which entailed going out on the bus for about four hours. I got the notes finished. I went to the grocery store (twice) today, cleaned my friends' house (although I was later than planned, as I overslept), and played in the game (we stopped early, and even then, I came home and crashed). Total hours asleep from 7 pm Friday to now...let's see, that's 28 out of 53 hours, or 53%, also known as excessive, even for me. With the exception of the game and some visiting with friends, I didn't really do anything fun. No movie, no reading, just recuperated from a very long and tiring week in the Land of Serta.

Fortunately this next week I should be able to do some catch-up at the hospital. After work tomorrow I'm going to do some things around the house (get the recyclables out, straighten up, clean out the aquarium, and move some things around in the dining/living areas, and maybe do a little laundry, since I failed to do it yesterday). I'm going to resist the urge to go straight to bed, and take all medicine and eat properly so my blood sugar stays normal.

Oh, and I need to see about putting my pepper plant outside. Brenda gave me a purple bell pepper plant a couple of weeks ago. I've kept it inside because, well, I didn't want it walking off, but it's starting to bloom and if I want peppers I have to let it get pollinated. There is a good sized pepper on it already, not quite ready to pick, which is how I know the peppers are purple. It's in a 2-gallon bucket. I also need to water all the plants tomorrow and turn them (the lavender is trying to grow towards the light, for example).

Okay, it's after midnight. I think I'm going to take some medicine and head on to bed. Hope you had a more productive weekend than I did. Good night.

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