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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

You have to be pretty cowardly to use children as human shields

The New York Times > International > Europe > Armed Attackers Seize School in Russia

You know, it's really sad when you can't even send your kids to school and know they'll be safe. What's sadder is that it's not something limited to Russia or the US or any other country. There are more than enough crackpots, vigilantes, houligans, and just plain 'bad people' to go around.

Chechen guerillas apparently took over moments before the beginning of the first day of school. This follows explosive attacks in Moscow and a pair of plane crashes also linked to Chechen rebels.

I suppose, given the disastrous result at the Moscow theatre some time ago, where nerve gas ended the standoff but killed many hostages, that taking over a school would get instant attention without the authorities storming in similarly. In terms of tactics, it makes sense.

But it's still a cowardly thing to do, and only undermines the cause for Chechen independence. Terrorism is never a way to solve a problem--there's nothing constructive about it. Rebellion is not in itself wrong--but the killing of innocent civilians and such acts as today's is no way to fight a war, because in the end, we all lose. Look at the drain the 'Troubles' had in Ireland.

*Shakes head*

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