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Monday, September 06, 2004

Want to take a class for free?

MIT OpenCourseWare has over 500 classes available online form MIT. No money, no certificate or credit, but perfect for those of you who are self-directed. Ones I'm interested in (just to start):

Myth, Ritual, and Symbolism
Medical Anthropology
The Brain and Cognitive Sciences, I
The Brain and Cognitive Sciences, II
Cognitive and Behavioural Genetics
Out of Ground Zero: Catastrophe and Memory
After Columbus
Chinese I
Japanese I
Logic I
Technologies of Humanism

Plus, there's plenty of history, linguisitics, Spanish, German, calculus, philosophy, etc., etc., to go back and review. I always thought MIT was just technology and engineering. They even teach theatrical lighting.

Nice thing is, there are no tests, and therefore, no test anxiety. I'm at a point, having a good all-around undergraduate and graduate education, that I'm not so concerned with credits; I just want to learn. So, it's perfect. And by the way, the dates on the courses are when they were added...you can still use the materials after that time.

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