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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

I'm obviously blogging like a maniac

because I still have power and I'm not sure that will last. I broke down the offending boxes so that I shouldn't trip in the night. Cerys isn't feeling too well...I think she's having a spell with her arthritis. I gave her some carefully rationed Rimadyl, despite several attempts for her to spit it out, and wrapped her up nice and comfy. This morning, I figured she'd be on the couch when she wasn't in bed, but she was on the floor and I startled her when I went to step off that side. Now the other side is clear, so hopefuly tomorrow won't be a repeat. The cats, however, are on the couch; they love the poofy back.

I'm eating some red beans and rice and checking e-mail, etc. I did exchange e-mail with the lady from the library and they had gone ahead and posted a couple of the positions for clarification's sake, but I am in the running and will be notified when the final decisions are made. I hate to sound neurotic, but a lot of times placed don't let you know any more that a position has been filled. The only thing worse than getting a rejection letter is nothing at all. Anyway, I'm still being considered, woo-hoo, and there are a couple more openings to apply for in the area, too.

Meanwhile, Cerys has been roused by the clinking of my spoon on my bowl, and is already seeming more perky. I gave her the medicine about an hour ago. Nice.

And, to top off the red beans and rice, I have the newest Sookie Stackhouse novel borrowed, so I think I'll sit in the recliner and read that for awhile and just keep the animals company. :)

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