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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Today's Blogsticker: Off to Hell

Despite my choice in bumperstickers (it was humourous, and I do sometimes feel like I'm being carried away by life around me), I'm having a pretty nice day, actually. I got some books on loan from the National Network of Libraries of Medicine, one on writing for the library profession and one on web usability. I've taken care of several patrons today, gotten the books reshelved, filled the copier, and the library looks great. Tomorrow is payday at both jobs, and although most of it's going straight to rent, that means I should be able to get cat and dog food, some minutes on my phone, a little gas in the car, and some bread and peanut butter. At the moment we're out of everything. Friday I think I'll start the task of going through the back journal issues and reordering them, since it's jeans day and that involves lots of squirming around on the floor reordering piles of magazines.

I'm sorry for the lack of posting. I've been spending a lot of time where I'm needed, and not much time playing on the computer, or going to the library to blog. But some things are more important than my daily inane thoughts. Still, I'm trying to touch base a little each day (and check the Unshelved comic). :) Hope all is going fine in your neck of the woods (and if you're in Florida or Japan and are tired of being inudated with hurricanes, I hope the season comes to an end soon!) Take care.

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