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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Today's Blogsticker: Human Condition

Today is a day for remembrance. Here's a site that has some of the remarkable stories of that clear almost-autumn day three years ago.

I suppose, that by Camus' standard, I err on the fool's side. I don't believe in a perfect world where we can all get along famously. I'd like to think it's possible, but humanity embraces just as much error and greed and violence as it does wonder and creativity. We will always struggle with some seeing themselves better, entitled. There will be gaps between rich and poor. There will be people willing to kill for what they want.

But I do hope for a more general recognition that we are, in essence, brothers and sisters, one where people do strive to do and be good, where the less fortunate are cared for rather than reviled, the elderly are respected rather than shunted away, where no one dies from negligence or abuse, and diplomacy is used to the upmost before any shot is fired.

Does that make me a fool?

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