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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Well, for what it's worth

My electricity has supposedly been on shut-off mode since last Thursday, but they hadn't done it, at least up to when I left this morning.

So...although I was half afraid to bring myself to their attention, I called to see if there were any possibility to delay it, since I can pay them in full next Thursday. They couldn't, since the order has been placed for cutoff, but, suggested I talk to some of the assistance groups, one of which suggested that since I do use the electricity for durable medical equipment (I sleep with a CPAP for sleep apnea), I call my doctor. So a lady in Dr Westerfield's office is trying to track him down so they can fax a letter over. It may not work, but at least it was worth the effort, and might save me a little over a week of no real sleep and that rare chance I'll stop breathing. (I don't think I'll expire from it, but I will be tired and cranky, and possibly start sliding back into depression, which for me was partly caused by the apnea.)

In the meantime, I have a flashlight with batteries right as I go in, plenty of candles, etc. I still have some stuff to clear up from the unpacking this weekend (mostly empty boxes) so I won't trip and kill myself in the night. But, it's only temporary...I was looking over my finances and I don't have a lot to spend, but I can take care of the electricity and a few necessities, and fill up my cell phone so I'm not totally incommunicado.

So, how's your Tuesday-that-feels-like-Monday?

Dwana is back at work, feeling much better, and it's so good to see her again. I didn't see her whilst she was sick, so it's been over a week! I've already warned her that I've spilt bleach in my car (she and I are both sensitive to it, but she's a lot worse than I am) so I don't think we're going on any trips about town until it outgasses. I'm so glad things are going so much better for her; it's been a rough two or three weeks. So, a little while ago I was hoping things would go in threes...Dwana's doing great, that's number two. Dare I hope for a job? :)

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