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Saturday, September 04, 2004

Today's Blogsticker: Bush

Enough said, though it'll probably put me on some sort of watch list or something. Paranoid, moi? Try playing Call of Cthulhu for thirteen years without being paranoid.

Which reminds me...at some point I'd love to play a game that several friends played years ago and enjoyed thoroughly. It's been re-released by Mongoose Publishing as Paranoia XP.

Greetings, citizen! THE COMPUTER has made you a TROUBLESHOOTER, a protector of the underground city of ALPHA COMPLEX. You and your fellow Troubleshooters will have lots of fun rooting out Communist mutant traitors. THE COMPUTER says so.

Members of treasonous secret societies like the Frankenstein Destroyers, the Illuminati, Psion, PURGE and the Sierra Club may attack, maim or blackmail you. Treasonous mutants with powers like Electroshock, Pyrokinesis, Charm, Puppeteer and Bureaucratic Intuition may shock you, incinerate you, subvert you, control you or bury you in paperwork. But it will be fun. THE COMPUTER says so, and THE COMPUTER is your friend.

Most fun of all is uncovering your fellow Troubleshooters' secret societies and mutations, accusing them of treason and persuading THE COMPUTER to terminate them -- before they do the same to you.

See, you live in a world where absolute loyalty to the Computer is paramount. All traitors will be eliminated. Your job is to ferret out who is a traitor. By the way, you are a traitor. (I had to explain the significance of XP to a non-techie friend as part of the joke.)

Anyway, it promises to be really fun, and a break from saving the world from extradimensional, sanity-breaking, eldritch horrors, don't you think?

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