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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Heading on to bed

Well, it was nice to have a day off from both jobs. And I did get to sleep in. But I did quite a bit of work at home, too. I washed dishes, mopped the kitchen floor, got one whole closet unpacked and the beginning of another, dragged-carried-shifted-cursed at a reclining rocker and reclining loveseat that were out by the dumpster and in pretty decent shape, then went and washed four dogs. Cerys and I are back home, and within two minutes of me putting the sofa into place, she was up on it, wrapped in her blanket, and snoring. Meanwhile, the cats decided that I'd put the recliner under the light just for them, so they came and curled up on my lap, and even now, they're in the seat (of course, when I first brought them in, I was so hot and tired--they're fairly heavy, and I was doing it myself--that I just propped them up in the dining room, since I knew I'd have to shift things to get them in the living room, with the shelves set up as a divider. I proceeded to shower, lie in front of a fan for awhile, then go out with Cerys. When I came home, the cats were up on the side of the recliner. They seem even happier now. Plus, now I have a comfy chair to read in. They're made from some sort of faux leather, about 10 years old, a couple of areas where the cover is loose or ripped, but otherwise not too bad; they're at least sturdy and so far the cats don't seem interested in clawing them, so maybe that cover, being so slick is the way to go. It should at least help until I can afford something better, and I can finally have friends over and offer them something other than the computer chair.

Well, that's all for now. If you happen to have celebrated Labour Day, hope you had a good holiday.

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