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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Silly me...

I realise I've been fretting about a lot of minor things, and some major but endurable, when I'm really worried about something totally different, something that I'll know more about this afternoon, and knowing will help.

Like Dwana, I sometimes worry more about things when I'm in limbo. I guess that's human nature. Will everything be normal or not? Will I get the job or not? Will I have electricity tonight or not? Once I have the answer, positive or negative, the worry bleeds away.

Poor Dwana. She's in the middle of that right now. She's in incredible pain, even with pain medicine, she's had all these tests, but no one can tell her what's going on until she goes to her doctor tomorrow for a follow-up. In the meantime, she feels awful and doesn't really know why.

I suppose really, though, we're lucky. Some people spend their whole lives in limbo. I can deal with short bursts occasionally, rather than have to live moment to moment in uncertainty.

Anway, wish me luck. I have an appointment in an hour and hopefully the tension will have some release.

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