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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Just got in a little while ago

after watching Philomena with friends. It was a very good movie. It breaks my heart what these girls endured for their 'sins', and how terrible it must have been for them.

Last night was 'Grimm' (only one more this season!), today was the pharmacy, grocery, and Philomena. Tomorrow there's no game due to illness, so I'm going to try to get something done here in the morning and then go over there mid-afternoon and work on their house, then watch 'Salem' at 10 pm.

Otherwise, not much is happening, which can be a blessing at times. Tomorrow is Mother's Day, of course, so I need to be sure and call my mom. My mom's brother is coming up soon and I need to see if their sister is coming in soon, too, and if so, if there's an overlap. I had originally thought to go visit on Memorial Day but may move it up to see them. My grandmother's 90th birthday is coming up as well. So, yay, I'll see about getting to visit. Going to bed now, though, I think, with maybe a little reading first. Good night!

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