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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I unfortunately broke something this morning

It's not terrible, but I woke up this morning with glass on my bed. There is a floor lamp that stands by the bed that has an upward-facing torchiere and two side reading lights, all with glass lampshades. Apparently I thrashed around in my bed while sleeping and must have hooked the lamp, which fell on the bed, breaking one of the side lampshades. So I unplugged it and decided after picking up the glass not to try to unscrew the shade, as I was running slightly behind this morning and I was afraid that if I hurried I might nick myself with the remainder of the shade.

Fast forward to tonight, now that I'm home from watching 'The 100', and I managed to unscrew the one that isn't broken with no trouble so that I can take it to the store and find something similar. The broken one was really on there, but I finally managed to get it off. Now the glass pieces are thrown away and the light bulbs are back in and both, oddly enough, are working. Strange that it should break falling on the mattress but not hurting the bulb itself. Oh, well.

Tonight I visited for awhile and then we watched the show, which really has kept my attention and I'm interested in what is happening next, as opposed to its predecessor, 'The Tomorrow People', which has been cancelled. In all fairness, I was biased against the latter from the beginning because it was loosely based on a beloved British show from my childhood, and never captured my love for the original. 'The 100' has different plots and subplots going through it, as well as the necessary-for-the-CW love triangle and some angst thrown in. Plus, the grounder guy Octavia is so into, Lincoln, is hot. :)

What I forgot to do tonight was call my mom to confirm that I'm coming down to Danville tomorrow to visit my family. I'll call her first thing in the morning. I've got to get some gas before I leave and do a few minor things, so I'll probably get there about mid-morning.

So now I'm sitting on the bed, under the light, with the fan oscillating back and forth and my phone charging. It's been a good day, although very busy. I really worked hard to get caught up on everything I needed to before I left at work. Also, it's almost time for the Medical Library Association meeting, so I was fielding inquiries for some Hospital Libraries Section business (I'm chair of the membership committee). Between that and work, I kept on my toes. My optometrist's office called, too, saying that while they found my records, the contacts they were going to prescribe and which I'm trying now do not come in the prescription for my right eye, so they wanted me to come by and pick up a different pair to try, which I did. I also went the library and picked up an interlibrary loan.

Okay, I'm going to go do a few things before bed. Good night.

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