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Thursday, May 08, 2014


I was actually working on my house tonight when I was overcome by a sneezing and coughing fit and basically got all choked up and could barely breathe, which is odd because I didn't do any dusting or anything that would stir up anything. But everyone I know who has allergies seems to be having trouble this year. I did break down and turn on the air conditioner because the pollen blowing in from outside was just too much, and with temperatures in the mid-80s, it was too stuffy otherwise. So the dishes are washing, but I'm taking a break and I'm in the bedroom listening to music (Natalie Merchant), with the CPAP on to try to clear out my nasal passages. I may read a little. I have some new material on the Salem witch trials to read. The plan is NOT to go to sleep yet. We'll see.

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